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Redi-Letters Express has over 200,000 hours of manufacturing experience and installing signs, as well as thousands of hours focused on research and innovations and we want to help you save time, and increase profits.

We are a wholesaler supplier to the sign industry, offering “Exclusive Dealer” status in your area.

Our network of Partners works together for branding national accounts in every area of the country. We staff a referral team, who interview & connect you with a real sign guy, who are in good standing with D&B and the Chamber of Commerce. We check reviews & use stringent criteria for our partners assuring only the best companies represent us & you.

Win all your Channel Letter bids Today!

We offer the lowest prices in the industry on higher quality, greater versatility channel letters, delivered in days, not weeks. Combined with our revolutionary REDI-FAST-TRACK SLIM LINE INSTALLATION SYSTEM, You can install a set of channel letters in under 1 hour and increase profits while winning all your bids! We also offer our Patent Pending super high powered magnetics face holding system, which eliminates rusting screws & failing trim cap, providing the cleanest letter, without failure points! We are the Innovation Leaders of the Sign Industry!

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Redi-Letters Express’ innovative designs, manufacturing process, and install experience will help you increase profits.

While Redi-Letters Express will sell direct to end users at List Pricing, we prefer to refer our customers to our nationwide list of preferred dealers. These preferred dealers make profit on the Channel Letters, the install, and other business. Win-Win!

Excellence in Quality, Service, and Price!

redi-letters express tough enough

With over 45 years of sign manufacturing experience, our new innovative Tough Enoughâ„¢ sign boxes offer the best value in the industry.

  • Wholesale Channel Letters Cut
  • Illuminated Fleet Vehicle Graphics
  • Inkjet Images & Vehicle Wraps
  • Carved Signs & CNC Routed Letters
  • Complete signage packages, ready to install, right out of the box
  • Free installation instructions, reducing labor costs
  • Free LED light placement schematics to maximize brightness and reduce costs
  • Graphic design, custom logo reproductions
  • Warehousing & drop shipping services
  • Broker sign and decal installations with our qualified installation partners nationwide
  • Installation patterns
  • Structural engineering services, stamped drawings for exterior sign permits
  • Free permitting consultations

By offering exclusivity to our partners, it puts an end to the price wars and the devaluing of our products. By joining us, it allows you to profit from the products we sell, allowing your company the opportunity to corner the market on:

Redi-Comp LED Illuminated Channel Letters
NO-UP-CHARGE for any font, any color, any incremental size, forced condensed or extended
fonts delivered in 3 to 5 days.

REDI-LITE ILLUMINATED VEHICLE GRAPHICS. This creative high impact invention will provide you the opportunity to offer your customers the greatest invention for the sign industry and business owners since the introduction of neon in 1856!

REDI-COMP, PLUG & SLIDE Our answer for mall and plaza owners with seasonal tenants,
removing the damage to property and lowering costs for tenants & property owners.

REDI-FLEET-SAFETY-SIGNS Another new product line that saves lives and offers exclusive access to products unavailable anywhere!

REDI-FAST-TRAC Slim Line Raceway Installation System. This reduces installation labor by up to 80% and changing the 2 man install team to a job for 1 man to install a typical storefront channel letter sign in under 30 minutes!

Consider This…

Never have your shop drawings or sketches stolen again! Your potential customers will not be able to use your designs to be used, for shopping around your design to HACK SIGN CO.’S for the lowest prices on inferior built signs!

When you partner exclusively with us, you will enjoy being the only “Sign Guy” in your area offering ILLUMINATED TRUCK LETTERING, LOGOS & GRAPHICS! Our higher quality, lower priced channel letter products delivered in days not weeks, will add profits to your existing business, and separate you from compassion to hack sign companies for good!

Like you, when we were a local sign shop, we were repeatedly victimized by potential customers who come to you for creative sign designs, then proceed to use your sketch to shop around. This practice is theft. And we as “Real Sign Guys” rightfully despise this practice. Well, It ends now!

By joining our exclusive partnering program, you will be the only supplier in your area to have access to purchasing illuminated truck lettering, and the highest quality channel letter products in the world, all at lower prices anywhere. Please go to our partnering page, and apply to join our partnership program, and with each order you place, your prices will be lowered by the incentives of credits, where your sales will be rewarded with 10% commissions, applied to your next purchase. When making profits with our new illuminated truck lettering products, you will be doubly rewarded.

Imagine you purchase 10 sets of truck graphics, and then you get a sales call for a store front channel letter project, and you pay only a small fraction for that purchase. Example, a $3000 set of channel letters for $1000. It’s possible to make great profits on our exclusive lit truck lettering, and then be doubly rewarded when you need larger channel letters for a store front.

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