Tough Enough Sign Boxes

Tough Enough™ Sign Boxes

All about Tough Enough™ Low cost illuminated sign boxes

With our innovative manufacturing technique and Tough Enough™ material, Redi-Letters Express has reduced production costs so the customer can afford the best LED’s in the market place, and deliver a premium product unmatched anywhere.

Legacy Illuminated Sign boxes are heavier to ship, harder to install and cost much more than Redi-Letters’ Tough Enough™ series. Our new Tough Enough™ illuminated sign boxes will save you money in shipping, installation, and materials. So – the Sign Wholesaler can deliver a better produce with larger profits and greater value for the end user.

Over the last few decades LED lighting, rope lighting etc… became readily available. However, these lighting options paled in their brightness qualities to neon. The LED’s to this day have been of far less quality, as a source of brightness, until just recently.

"Tough Enough" sign boxes

Redi-Letters Express partnered with a patent holder of the most advanced LED products to design and introduce custom lighting technology several times brighter than most others. Additionally, our LED’s average over 50,000 hours and have a 25 years of life expectancy. Many other sign boxes space their LED modules about 2 inches apart, but Redi-Letters Express spaces our brighter LED modules just ¼ inches apart to avoid hot and dark spots.

The use of neon lighting, which is expensive, can be simulated with our LED’s incredible intensity at a fraction of the cost, and labor to install is eliminated as our Tough Enough™ illuminated sign boxes are is shipped complete and ready for installation, right out of the box.

In summary, Redi-Letters Express has solved many of the problems surrounding existing LED sign boxes with our innovative Tough Enough™ Illuminated sign boxes. These advantages will profit both the sign wholesaler and the end user.

Redi-Letters Express low cost sign boxes are Designed by Sign Installers – For Sign Installers!