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Redi-Letters Express manufactures
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to impact drivers to follow Move-Over laws.

Outfit your fleet today with our Redi-Fleet-Safety ‘move over’ signs. Whether you have a fleet of 3 or 10,000 trucks, take steps in addition to driver safety training to ensure your crew’s safety and the safety of motorists sharing the road. Don’t hesitate to call us and place your order. Our signs save lives and help to avoid catastrophe.

Some of the most dangerous jobs we can perform are those on roads. Tow truck drivers, tractor-trailer drivers, delivery drivers, first responders…motoring is dangerous. We don’t think about the negative or the horrible until it’s too late in most cases. Then we are left with confusion, doubt, maybe even the law to deal with. Outfit your vehicles NOW before tragedy strikes.

Our “Move Over” RGB 4 color, flashing & strobing PVC fabricated interior illuminated signs will assure your vehicle will be safe from rear end collisions while disabled on the side of the roadways/highways. “SAVING LIVES” is our goal!

Magnetic Fleet Safety “Move Over” signs are available in 4 sizes with 3 different styles for use with Cars, SUV’s, Pick-up Trucks, Delivery Trucks, and Tractor Trailers.

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Redi-Letters cares about driver safety. These ‘flip-up’ signs are 14″ x 46″ and are $399 with hardwired option, or $459 with rechargeable battery. The Alumilite sign panel option is $229.

Using a piano hinge and high powered magnets, the sign is held in the folded or upright position. Use a splitter plug for direct connect to the license plate light. No tools required, simply flip the sign, push the on button,and ensure driver safety in seconds.

Additional Redi-Fleet Safety Signage

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12″ x 18″ Illuminated Sign Hardwired $229, with Battery $289.

Aluminilite Panel with Reflective Graphics $99

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Vehicle roof top wind deflector, illuminated advertising sign with wireless controlled, magnetically secured pop-up flashing “Move Over” safety sign. Signs are 16″ tall by 46″ wide, come with rechargeable batteries or can be hardwired to your vehicle power. Just $1,499!

These signs are “Maximum Impact” signage, which shall replace the old precautionary steps of placing safety cones, roadway flares and the simple vehicle tail lights flashing. Our invention is much more noticeable and has a very high impact as well as it reminds motorists of the “MOVE OVER LAWS”! We’ve removed the hazard of a driver needing to walk onto the roadway, hundreds of feet behind his disabled vehicle to place safety cones or road flares which is a very dangerous and deadly maneuver/task. Our signs are pre- attached to the rear of commercial and public safety vehicles requiring only the quick flip of the sign on the piano hinge mount, and pressing the button to initiate the lighting functions.

Our “Move Over” flashing arrow signs provide the unmatched safety of being bright enough to easily be seen, but not so bright, that they distract and cause drivers to struggle to see past the flashing and strobing of strobe bars on most ambulances, cruisers, and tow trucks.

Our signs have several attachment methods available.

The most common use of our “Move Over” flashing arrow safety signs is to attach them to either the ICC Crash Bar under the bumpers of Trailers, Box and delivery trucks, or to mount them on the top rear end of the trailer, box and delivery trucks. They are mounted with our stainless steel hinges and secured in the storage position or the upright function and use position by super high powered magnetics installed within the signs. Simply flip up the sign, press the “On Button” and walk away!

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We also offer a telescoping rooftop sign with the same “MOVE OVER” message as the above-mentioned sign, but with a hand-held wireless control device you can have the sign extend up over the tow truck bed and vehicles that may be parked behind you. This sign pops up to 3 ft. over its rooftop position assuring it will be seen by oncoming motorists.

After learning there were no illuminated safety signs to promote the “move Over” law for vehicles, Ralph decided to develop the Redi-Fleet Safety series.

Click here for the full Massachusetts “Move Over” Law

Employers have a special role to protect those who drive as part of their jobs by developing safe driving plans, which can drastically reduce the risks of fatal motor vehicle crashes to employees.

All of us, as drivers, also play a role in the protection of workers whose jobs place them behind the wheel or along roadways. Think about workers you see all the time on the road—police officers, utility workers, crossing guards, roadway construction workers, tow truck operators. Our driving affects their safety.

The “Move Over’ signs offer high visual impact, and can save lives! Easy install with high powered magnets attaching directly to the vehicle.

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A Honda Accord was entering the freeway and for some reason the driver did not see the semi and smashed into the back of it.

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Additional install options available for custom commercial application like an option of a piano hinged mounting system on the underside attachments to the USDOT mandated rear bumper/crash bars for trailers. Contact us for details.