Slimline Sign Installation System

Redi-Fast-Trac Slimline Installation System

Redi-Fast-Trac Slimline Installation System

  • eliminate potential wiring errors
  • Are you fighting a tight budget, and impossible deadline?
  • cut your installation time by 75%

Redi-Fast-Trac slimline installation system + Redi-Plug-N-Slide
a winning, efficient, affordable sign solution

Any font, any logo, any design, any incremental size, all for the same low price! With our redi-fast-trac slimline sign installation system, that you can barely notice in the picture above, we can reduce installation times from a day to being done before your first coffee break. The redi-trac system eliminates many of the holes that cause damage to property. With our patent pending face retention system, using super high powered rare earth magnets, we eliminate rusting screws, and failing trim cap, which eliminates water damage. All while providing the cleanest looking letter in the world.

Redi-Fast-Trac’s simple snap and slide track system allows a set of 15 channel letters 18″ tall to be installed in 30 minutes with just one man, a drill for a single hole for the power cord, a few screws, and clear silicone caulking. Simply insert the wiring connection implanted into the back of our redi-letters. No installation patterns or multiple holes drilled into the facade are needed – providing additional savings.

5 Simple Steps to Install

  • Install the slimline track to the building facade with a screw every 4 feet
  • Insert the power connection, impregnated into the back of the redi-letters, into the track
  • Simply slide the redi-letters along the track to the spacing desired
  • Once positioned and caulked, cut our “C channel protective water-tight cover to fit track length between letters
  • Add silicone caulking to seal the small space between the end of the weather cover and the letter connector on each redi-letter

Once you try Redi-Fast-Trac, and experience the ease of install, and higher profits, you’ll be a customer for life!



Redi-Fast-Trac includes: Track Connectors, Power Supplies, End Caps, and Clear Silicone Caulking. Our power supplies allow you to plug directly into a wall out, no wire connections or electrician needed!

Ships assembled and ready to install

lifetime guarantee