Redi-Comp Channel Letters

Redi-Comp Channel Letters

channel letters
  • Innovative manufacturing process – our partners love it
  • No up-charges for any custom graphic, logo, or font
  • Tough Enough composite material
  • Patent Pending magnetic face design
  • Buy Channel Letters direct from the manufacturer and save
  • LED instead of Neon – Save $$$

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Our Tough Enough Redi-Comp channel letters will withstand
the most extreme weather conditions!!

Wholesale Direct Partner

Over the last few decades LED lighting, rope lighting etc… became readily available. However, these lighting options paled in their brightness qualities to neon. The LED’s to this day have been of far less quality, as a source of brightness, until just recently.

Redi-Letters Express partnered with a patent holder of the most advanced LED products to design and introduce custom lighting technology several times brighter than most others. Additionally, our LED’s average over 50,000 hours and have 25 years of life expectancy. Many other channel letters space their LED modules about 2 inches apart, but Redi-Letters Express spaces our brighter LED modules just ¼ inches apart to avoid hot and dark spots. That’s quality and that’s one of the extra steps we take in building your sign that sets us apart from the rest.

The use of neon lighting, which is expensive, can be simulated with our LED’s incredible intensity at a fraction of the cost, and labor to install is eliminated as our Redi-Letters™ are shipped complete and ready for installation, right out of the box.

With our innovative manufacturing technique and Tough Enough™ Redi-Comp™, production costs are reduced so the customer can afford the best LED’s in the market place, and deliver a premium product unmatched anywhere.

redi letters express tough enough

Channel letters, on average, at 12 inches tall cost over $250.00 installed for the customer. Our new Redi-Comp™ channel letters are not only less expensive, but also result in a big reduction in installation labor costs.

Current industry channel letters are very expensive because of the immense labor involved in the custom crafting of metal channels. The existing process is ancient, and unnecessary waste of time and money. With Redi-Comp™, LED module failures are no more. Existing industry channel letters often have modules failures that result in repair charges, as well as lost business and exposure from unlit signs. And, crane rentals aren’t free!

Instead of a sizable power supply and multiple holes drilled into your building for wiring and mounting, Redi-Letters Express has designed an install system, Redi-Fast-Trac, requiring just one .25 inch hole for the power feed into your building.

In summary, Redi-Letters Express has solved many of the problems surrounding existing LED Channel Letters with our innovative materials and manufacturing processes. These advantages will profit both the sign wholesaler and the end user.

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channel letters

Redi-Comp™ channel letters – innovative products
Designed by Sign Installers – For Sign Installers!

Redi-Comp™ + Redi-Fast-Trac + Redi-Plug-N-Slide
Install yourself saving you time and money

The most cost effective
Channel Letter solution
in the industry

1. Innovative manufacturing process with special composite materials equals fast turnaround and cost savings

2. Patent Pending high powered magnetic face holding design eliminates failing trim cap and rusting screws

3. Innovative materials allow cool light diffusion effect on the sides of the channel letters

4. Lightweight for simple, easy, transportation and fast install

5. Reduced Installation time, especially when utilizing Redi-Fast-Trac or Redi-Plug-N-Slide.

6. Simple pricing, by lineal inch

7. Any custom logo, font, or size, no up-charges

8. Architectural quality LED’s maximize brightness quality and reduce dark spots

9. UL listed + Fire Safety rated components

10. Lifetime Guarantee

Letter Visibility Chart tips

Rule of Thumb:
This Letter Visibility Chart shows the maximum reading distance for your sign to make the best impact, as well as the overall readable distance. A good rule of thumb is every 1 inch of letter height provides 10 feet of readability with the best impact. For example, 3” tall letters make the best impact within 30’; however, they can still be seen and read from up to 100’ away.

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lifetime guarantee
UL listed

Redi-Comp™ composite channel letters
are durable and safe!