Flat Cut Letters

Flat Cut Letters

  • Innovative Manufacturing Process and Materials = Cost Effective Signage Solutions
  • Any custom graphic, logo, font, or color. No up-charges!
  • Try our First Class Professional Series – Cost effective and beautiful!
  • Interior Use Gator Foam
  • ½ Inch thick Gator Foam letters are priced at $1.75 per inch
  • Redi-Letters “First Class Series” Metal Laminated EconoFoam Letters

Custom Flat Cut Metal Letters manufactured and shipped:
3-5 business days. Wow.

Redi-Letters offers simple affordable Flat Cut letters as well as our sharp looking First Class Series for professional environments. We can provide you with letting, logos & graphics from any material, and in any sizes. We do not gouge you with up-charges, providing you many options, without the nickle and diming practices the whoesale providers presently inflict on sign shops!

Our “First Class Series” of metal laminated composite letters are the perfect simulation of extremely high cost solid metal letters. These “First Class Series” letters are ideal for professional environments like reception areas, hotels, law offices, hospitals, museums, and other similar institutions.

Our prices include painting with one of our 5 standard colors.
Custom color matches add 20%.
Sizes from 4 inch tall to 24 inch tall

Over 100 standard letter styles. Custom fonts and logos please add 20% to the per inch price.
Our pricing is by the inch, whichever dimension is greater, height or width.

Materials: Foam, Acrylic, Brass, Aluminum

Thickness Price
1” Thick $3.00/inch
1.5” Thick $3.50/inch
2” Thick $4.00/inch

All our letters are priced with our 5 standard colors painted finishes and mounting tape or studs. Patterns for installation are priced at $1.00 per letter.

Standard .030 metal laminate sheets in

Brushed Aluminum Brushed Brass Brushed Pewter (DK Grey)
Polished Aluminum Polished Brass (Mirror Finish) Brushed Copper
  • Our prices are based on a per inch measurement, whichever dimension is greater
  • Mounting methods of double back tape or stud mounting, please add 10% to total price
  • Paper installation patterns are $1 per letter
  • Redi-Letters pays for packing, the customer pays for shipping
  • These letters are fabricated from charcoal colored Eurothane foam and Aluminum Laminate
  • Redi-Letters offers edge painting for $1 per inch additional
  • All brushed finishes are horizontal unless specified
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Flat Letter Pricing

of Letters
4 to 12
inches tall
13 to 18
inches tall
19 to 24
inches tall
½ Inch $2.00/Inch $3.00/Inch 3.50/Inch
1 Inch $3.00/Inch $3.50/Inch 4.00/Inch
1.5 Inches $3.50/Inch $4.00/Inch 4.50/Inch
2 Inches $4.00/Inch $4.50/Inch 5.00/Inch

Lower case letters are 90% the cost of uppercase due to material waste.

lifetime guarantee

Redi-Letters offers complete creative custom options to help you satisfy your demanding client. Consider wholesale opportunities

Redi-Letters will cut logos from multiple laminated product combinations and mix materials to create a truly one-of-a-kind project.