About Redi-Letters Express LLC



Our History is rich with adventures, challenges, & accomplishments, in several areas of the sign industry. Pioneering, & creating, billion dollar segments in the industry, inventing new processes, systems, & materials continually, I was always looking for challenges that are said to be impossible. We have “MacGuyver” minds here!

Just like you, we are real sign guys, with over 200,000 hours of manufacturing experience. We want to share our knowledge with you to help you be the best. It uniquely qualifies us to be who we are, #1. We guarantee you will double your profit margins with these new inventions!

Innovation for the Sign Industry

Our many achievements & award winning projects, in the Caribbean, (The DiviDivi Resorts & Tamarijn, Aruba)& in (The Holiday Inn, Government Center Boston), (The Strand Theater Historic Preservation, Clinton MA) to name just a few, won us acclimation in the continental USA. This explains how we are uniquely qualified, to have created so many achievements, driven by customer demands! While overseas, we made America proud, completing an award winning design, and completion in 1/3 the time of other competitors, with coordination of Customs import/export, transportation, & completing it under budget too!

Our Products, unlike the big competitors, who sub out, or are located in Mexico, (explaining the long lead times), all our products are made here in the USA & always will be. We are creating real jobs, that pay well, & using good old Yankee ingenuity to out compete our foes in Mexico. Our History is rich with information, it explains how we were able to have 40 plus advantages of our products, advantages we hold over the conventional channel letter products. Most importantly, QUALITY, SERVICE, REDUCED INSTALLATION TIMES OF 70% OR, MORE & PRICE!

We created our company after 46 yrs. in continuous business, as a local sign company, and the original fabric distributors, who introduced awning, banner, billboard, and canvas awning fabrics sold by the foot.

We continually harassed our suppliers to no avail, buying big rolls, with more fabric than needed for jobs, & then die lots did not match from one production run to another, so we had almost $100k in scraps in storage, so we founded Can Do Supply, and sold it, then kept buying more & selling more.We were considered such a pain in the ass to the big suppliers / distributors you deal with now, they asked us how much to go away, we asked 7 figures, after only 5 moths in that business. They balked, a foreign corporation didn’t, they saw an opportunity, & ponied up the cash, so we sold. The fabric industry had to change, to compete & fight off the big corporation who bought us, and now everyone sells fabrics by the foot. We saved our fellow sign and awning makers millions with that move! We know the challenges you face everyday.

We’ve dedicated ourselves, and experience, to provide you, & our industries with solutions to the difficulties you face. We have been called many things LOL, but the cleanest one was we are Mavericks!

lifetime guaranteeWe also hated up-charges, we always have! In any segment, and anywhere they existed, up-charges are just wrong, especially because they rob you of more than the real cost to provide that extra service! So we again, looked at the biggest and worst abusers, Channel Letter Providers. We now have them in our scope. Our new revolutionary Channel Letters are a direct assault on the sneaky up-charge bums. You get a quote, the customer asks for a little change on the $5k order, you say sure, but it turns out, BAM, 20% up charge is shoved up your …. I have had that experience once too often. Every time it came out of my profits, as the channel letter providers wouldn’t budge, it’s all about the up-charges with our competition.

Well, once again, we focused, we thought long and hard, where there lies difficulty, also lies opportunity, and we love opportunity. BAM! The attack on up-charges begins!

Redi-Letters Express has over 45 years of sign experience to help you save time and money on your next project. Ask us how to increase zoning bylaw sign sizes, our knowledge of laws and constitutional arguments will help you get the largest signs possible which leads to your customers exposure, success and more profits. Call us anytime, we want to help!

The History of Redi-Letters Express!

In 2016, Ralph St. Germain, as the owner of Redi-Signs Express, was under intense time and budget pressure to deliver a sign with Channel Letters to a key customer. To meet the timeline and budget deadline, Ralph, along with his sons Mark, his sign making apprentice, and Joe, a robotics engineer, developed an innovative manufacturing technique, and Tough Enough™ Redi-Letters™ was born.

Since then, Ralph has used Redi-Letters™ to save dozens of his customers time and money. As other sign wholesalers learned of this innovative solution, Redi-Letters Express LLC was formed to manufacture and meet the explosive demand of sign wholesalers across the country.

Now, with inexpensive shipping thanks to its low weight, Redi-Letters™ are available not only to local clients in the Northeast, but also across the country through partnerships with sign wholesalers.

Ralph St. Germain has a passion for innovation, formerly pioneering the backlit awning industry, several processes for the billboard industry, and he never stops trying to improve and create new sign industry solutions.

Additionally, Ralph, a golden gloves boxing champion, never quits – a winner you want in your corner when you have a tough sign problem to solve!

Redi-Letters Express takes great pride in our workmanship and quality, and offers a lifetime guarantee. Additionally, with our state of the art sign manufacturing equipment, Redi-Letters Express normally ships most orders less than 72 hours after receiving the purchase order and artwork.

As a team, we succeeded in this company, it’s not all about any one person, I only lead them!